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Our founder worked for the prestigious international tournament organiser, FACEIT as Event Director,  working with some of the best esports teams in the world across Counter Strike and PUBG titles.

The journey has involved being there from the first idea discussions to the lifting of tournament trophies, whilst cannons of confetti fill the arenas as well as taking financial responsibility for the live tournaments, ensuring the show runs to clockwork and not a penny is overspent.


From initial discussions to lifting tournament trophies, the team at FACEIT facilitated a range of inspiring live events.  We were involved in everything from managing budgets to releasing confetti-filled canons as winners were celebrated at esports tournaments.

It's been a lot of fun and truly international, seeing new cultures, finding brilliant suppliers and viewing a variety of venues.

FACEIT - Tier 1 Esports Organisation

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Services: Event Strategy | Venue Selection

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