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Is Your Venue Esports Ready?

Our Ambition 

To provide a structured learning program in bite-size courses to help both venues and individuals understand the esports and games industry. This, in turn, will help explain what is needed to run esports tournaments and how to position your business to realize hosting opportunities



To provide an online learning platform of ‘bite-size’ modules that offer education to venues focused on all aspects of esports hosting

The Outcome...

With greater sector knowledge, more venues will understand how to host tournaments offering esports buyers a greater variety of venues that are genuinely worthy of consideration.




Esports tournaments are different from traditional events
There have specific requirements from technical to logistics, catering to player services, and more, which venues need help understanding what is needed. 


Tournament Organisers always look for fresh venues
Venues need existing infrastructure and a knowledge of the industry, as well as an understanding of how to engage new audiences, both on and offline.


Representation companies, need to ensure all venues under consideration, are capable of fulfilling the event/TO’s requirements but often have little time

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Courses will commence in the Spring of 2024. For your chance to book a place please complete the details below

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